Established in 2015, CV2ME offers full-service recruitment across Australia. We DON’T charge commissions based on renumeration packages. We have 2 flat fee package options: $1990 + GST and $2990 + GST depending on your needs. We don’t charge until completion of recruitment Client Terms.

Our services include either a 45 day or 90 day hire guarantee! CV2ME is all about results, our specialty is recruitment. Please click on the link to see what some our clients have to say .

We have our own extensive database of candidates as well as subscriptions to premium search options on SEEK, LinkedIn and Indeed. This means we leave no stone unturned!

Our Recruitment Process

Our full-service recruitment packages are between $1990 - $2990 plus GST No catches or hidden fees.
please see below what is included:

Recruitment Packages

Standard Inclusions in both packages

Standard Inclusions
  • Dedicated recruitment consultant assigned to your position
  • Initial consultation with client regarding the position & requirements
  • Creation of job description
  • Listing of your position on job boards and social media
  • Extensive searches of ours and the major Job Boards databases in Australia
  • Vetting of CV’s & shortlisting applicants to your requirements
  • Video Interviewing of short-listed candidates
  • All correspondence between job seekers and employers
  • Reference checks & other paperwork as required

$1990 + GST

Standard Inclusions Plus
  • SEEK fee included
  • 45-day hire guarantee*

$2990 + GST

Premium Package Plus
  • Additional SEEK Advert, if required
  • 1x police check
  • DISC assessment
  • 90-day hire guarantee*



  • Cost
  • Guarantee of Hire

Do It Yourself

  • Extensive use of employee hours away from their normal role plus the costs of advertising & marketing. In terms of hours conducting the recruitment process & advertising costs,
    $2000 +
  • No guarantee.
    You will have to conduct the recruitment process again if your candidate falls through.

Traditional Agency

  • Charge between 10-20% of the remuneration package plus advertising. For a $70k role at 15% it would cost you:
    $10,500 + GST + advertising costs
  • Typically either a 30 or 90 day guarantee.


  • Regardless of the remuneration package we have a fixed fee model, either
    $1990 + GST or $2990 + GST
  • 45 or 90 day guarantee depending on package

Firstly a recruitment consultant will be allocated to you for the recruitment of your position. They will call you for an initial consultation to go over the position and to design an effective advertising campaign targeting the right people. This advertising campaign will include listings on SEEK, Indeed, Social Media and advertising through our existing databases and networks. Your recruitment consultant is there from the start to finish and will keep you informed at all stages of the recruitment process.

cv2me vet all applicant CV’s against your requirements. Only those that meet your specifications will be submitted to your account portal for your team to view and assess. We manage all correspondence with candidates, both those that are successful in progressing to next stage and those that have been unsuccessful in their application.

With a click of the button in your account portal, you can choose which candidates you would like cv2me to video interview. We organise and conduct the video interviews with shortlisted candidates. Your consultant will conduct a live interview with questions that you provide (or we can create them). These interviews are not only recorded for you to review at your convenience, but so you can see all reactions and responses in real time.

CV2me facilitate any paperwork you may have for the candidates, organise time for client-candidate interviews and we inform all candidates of your decisions at all stages. All our packages have reference checks included.

We can also provide police checks, DISC profiling and psychometric testing for small additional fees. cv2me can tailor recruitment packages to suit client specifications and requirements. For these additional services we only pass on the fee the 3rd party charges us.

Our guarantee

We will get at least 3 candidates who apply who meet your minimum requirements or the recruitment service fee is free for your next listing.

Up to a 90 day guarantee depending on your service package. If the person you hire leaves, we will recruit for that position again free (less the cost of advertising).

Frequently Asked Questions

You should be asking those agencies why they charge so much! It is not that we are cheap, too long now recruitment agencies have been going of pricing models from many years back when recruitment was extremely expensive and time consuming to conduct on behalf of clients.

Due to advances, mainly in technology, the costs involved in recruitment have come down significantly (both time and money expenditure).

We are making recruitment affordable!

We are full service recruitment. When you list your position with us one of our recruitment consultants is assigned to the recruitment of your position from start to end.

Besides the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars you save, our recruitment team will deliver exceptional results.

Our recruiters specialise in recruitment, this involves identifying our client’s requirements and going of them, not what we think they may want. We don’t need to know how to prepare financial statements to recruit for an accountancy job. What we do is listen to our Accountant client and what criteria they say they require. We always do research before recruiting for any role.

If you choose to use a “specialist recruitment agency” ask the recruiter who will be doing the recruiting for you how many years industry specific experience they have in the role you need to hire for? You may be surprised, many have none!

Another point of difference is that our recruiters are dedicated to recruitment and not sales. We have separate people doing sales. Often the case with recruitment agencies is that their recruiters are hired to do both sales and recruitment. It ends up the recruiters spend their time trying to get new clients as their salaries are highly commission based.

Companies use recruitment agencies to save them time whilst find the best people for their positions. Our processes mean we don’t always have to be on the phone to you or emailing you asking questions or co-ordinating things. We have our own customised account portal for Employers which not only allows you to view CV’s, cover letters and questionnaires we upload from candidates we short list, it allows you to make your decisions with a simple click of a mouse. Your recruiter will get your decisions and act accordingly.

It also adds transparency as you know at what stage your recruiter is up to, so no hidden surprises

Of course, if at any time you need to contact your recruiter by phone or email they are there for you.

Our transparency in allowing Employers to view the interviews of candidates they are interested in also saves valuable time and make well informed decisions. We have heard time and time again of recruitment agencies sending candidates for face-face interviews with the employer only for them not fitting the description of the person they are wanting to hire, but still having to them conduct the whole interview out of courtesy.

You see the recordings of the people you decide for us to interview and then you decide who of these candidates you want to meet with face-face.

Contact us today to discuss whether our service is right for you